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Perry Milou’s acrylic poured hearts are simply one of a kind. They are evolved from the unique mixing of custom acrylic colors with the addition of pouring mediums that, when combined, create brilliant spontaneous abstract masterworks on hand-carved wood. Upon drying, the hearts are lush and bold, drying with a glasslike shine. Contact Perry to choose your own colors, size, and design elements for your piece. The artist will actually film this creative process for you to cherish as a lifelong memory. Additionally we now offer custom “STARS” and “LOVE DOVES.”
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Perry Milou's Spread Your Love Hearts Giclee PrintGiclée Prints

What is a giclée print? A giclée print is a museum-quality archival inkjet print on paper or canvas that is steadfast and will last for a lifetime. Each edition of 100 prints is signed and numbered by artist, Perry Milou.
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